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Mailtimer Docs

Mailtimer public API

Mailtimer’s public API is available to all paid accounts. It allows you to create, update and delete timers programmatically.

API base

All the API endpoints described in this article are relative to the base URL:


To access the API, you will need the API key that you will find in your account:

Generate API key screenshot

This API key should be included in the X-API-Key HTTP header. Unauthenticated responses will return a HTTP 401 Unauthorized code.

Here’s a request example using cURL: curl -X GET -H "X-API-Key: <YOUR_API_KEY>"

Manage timers

List timers

GET /timers


  • page (number)

Get timer

GET /timers/<timer_id>

Clone (duplicate) timer

POST /timers/<timer_id>/clone

Delete timer

DELETE /timers/<timer_id>

Update timer

POST /timers/<timer_id>


  • name (string)
  • is_enabled (boolean)
  • template (number): timer template id [1..9]
  • type (string): standard | eg1 (start when email is opened) | eg2 (start when email is sent) | dynamic
  • ts_end (string): format “YYYYMMDD HHmm”
  • show_d, show_h, show_m, show_s (boolean): show/hide days, hours, minutes, seconds
  • bg_color (string): background HEX color. Empty for transparent background
  • matte_color (string): matte HEX color (only for transparent background)
  • bg_url (string): background image URL
  • tz (string): timezone (example: Europe/Berlin), list
  • rounded_corners
    • is_enabled (boolean)
    • radius (number): [0..100]
  • links
    • is_enabled (boolean)
    • url_active (string)
    • url_expired (string)
  • expire
    • mode (number): 0-hide timer, 1-show zeros, 2-show message, 3-reset and restart
    • msg_line1 (string): only for “show message” mode
  • title
    • show (boolean): show or hide the title
    • text (string)
    • font_size (number)
    • color (string): title color in HEX format
  • dividers
    • show (boolean): show or hide the dividers
    • color (string): dividers color in HEX format
  • labels
    • font_size (number)
    • color (string): labels color in HEX format
    • label_d (string): custom label for ‘Days’
    • label_h (string): custom label for ‘Hours’
    • label_m (string): custom label for ‘Minutes’
    • label_s (string): custom label for ‘Seconds’
  • counter
    • font_size (number)
    • color (string): counter color in HEX format
    • has_lead_zeros (boolean)
    • bg_color (string): background color in HEX format

Create timer

POST /timers

Parameters: same as for update timer endpoint.