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How to add a custom domain

A custom domain is a domain that you own, such as that you can use to host your timer instead of the default subdomain.

Custom domains are only available on the Medium and above plans.

  1. Go to Account and scroll down to “Custom domain”.
  2. Submit your custom domain and click “Add”
Custom domains step 1
  1. Then click on the “Setup instruction” button and update your domain provider’s DNS settings with the indicated values:
Custom domains step 2
  1. After updating your DNS settings, click the “Check status” button to check if the configuration is valid:
Custom domains check status
  1. The validation process can take up to 24 hours, depending on your registrar and how fast the change propagates:
Custom domains fully validated

Now whenever Mailtimer provides you with a Timer gif url, you can use your custom domain instead of the default subdomain.