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What is Mailtimer and how does it work?

Mailtimer allows you to create eye-catching countdown timers that boost your sales, conversions, and click-through rates and increase website visits. It works for email campaigns & landing pages.

Mailtimer supports 4 timer types covering most possible use-cases.

Choose a template from our growing gallery and use 60+ customization settings to create a unique countdown timer that best matches your brand.

When you click Publish on your timer, Mailtimer will generate you a short HTML snippet containing an <img> tag that you can simply paste into your HTML template: whether in an email or on a website.

Publish timer

When your email is sent, the <img> tag will be replaced by an animated GIF that will display the countdown timer.

Everytime someone opens an email containing your timer, our server generates an animated GIF in real time. Customers always see accurate countdown timers.

Parsio email

If you need any help, chat with us or email us at [email protected].