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Mailtimer Docs

How to add a countdown timer into Gmail

Gmail is one of the easiest email clients to add a timer into. You can add a timer into your email template in Gmail in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Create a timer

Go through the Mailtimer wizard to create a timer. When you click Publish on your timer, Mailtimer will generate you a short HTML snippet containing an <img> tag. Copy just the URL of the image.

Publish timer

Step 2: Compose an email

When composing a message, click on the Insert photo button.

Compose email screen

Then, from the “Web Address (URL)” tab, insert your timer’s URL. Note: You should only insert the actual timer URL without copying the whole snippet that includes HTML tags.

Insert photo url

Finally, click the Insert button.

Resize image

That’s it! You’re done. Send your email.